Well designed window coverings enhance and complement your home décor. They create soothing atmosphere, raise ceilings, change the shape of a room, and hide shortcomings.
Properly chosen and designed window treatments create a statement.


Vignette shades are one of the unique styles of window treatment that we proud to offer.

Vignette window coverings are actually a type of Roman shade. They’re a perfect balance between traditional Roman shades and more textured modern shades, and the wide variety of options for customizing Vignette window coverings makes them an ideal choice for many homes. Roman shades are a type of shade which condenses into an even stack, usually at the top of a window. Then when they come open they unroll smoothly, and are not uneven or bumpy like similar types of blinds or shades. This smoothness and evenness are the main characteristics of the Roman shade, since they are in a neat stack when opened and in a smooth sheet when opened. Vignette window coverings in particular feature a series of smooth folds, which appear even no matter how far up or down the shade are rolled. These distinctive smooth folds of fabric give Vignette window shades their signature soft, even touch, making them a great choice for a smart, clean window treatment.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades provide customers with the best vertical shading option for doors and windows. Their fabric and fluctuation keep the room looking just right in terms of lighting, while they are easily operated with the use of the cord for both rotation and opening.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades let you frame the view, shade the sun, or warm up a cold, dark expanse of glass at night. The clean, tailored lines of the shadings suit the casual as well as the formal. Vignette Modern Roman Shades marry the inherent warmth and soft luminescence of fabric with the controlled ease of operating a shade, and they disappear inside the sleek head rail when you just want to sit back and enjoy the view.