Sheer curtains represent a category of drapery that provides window coverings without complete separation. Sheer curtains are a great way to brighten your home, giving you a light and airy atmosphere. Sheer curtains, also called semi-sheer panels, softly diffuse light and provide limited privacy.

At Empire Custom Windows, we’ve got endless choices of beautiful designer sheer window treatments.

True to their names, sheer curtains offer moderate levels of privacy, light blockage, and noise obstruction, allowing some visibility through the fabric. These curtains are appropriate where window treatments are needed to add style, while still letting light into the room when drawn. They are commonly installed in residential living rooms or commercial showrooms. They can be installed on rods or tracks, and look beautiful alone or layered with other window coverings, such as shades and blinds.

Choose sheer curtains that flow all the way to the floor. An extra inch or two of length will give them an elegant, flowing look. If they are still too long, they can be hung higher above the window (this will also make the window look taller), or hemmed for a perfect fit.

Available styles

  • Traditional
  • Pinch pleat
  • Ripple-fold
  • Pocket rod
  • Grommet