At Empire Custom Windows, our expert designers and craftsmen care about creating your perfect view, at the same time as maintaining your comfort and privacy. We have designed our premium Luminette privacy blinds to be an ideal alternative to the vertical blind. Not only because they offer total control of sunlight and glare as it changes throughout the day. But also because their soft fabric folds protect your home’s interior from prying eyes, and your much-loved furnishings from UV light fading.

What are Luminette blinds?

Luminette  is an innovative drapery which has been engineered to do a lot more. It is ideal for wide windows and across sliding doors. The Luminette Privacy Blinds feature a 180-degree rotating vane which is attached to an elegant sheer fabric which puts the customer in control of the natural light and privacy within their room.

What benefits do Luminette provide?

With the vanes rotated open, the sheer fabric diffuses and disperses the sun’s rays into soft natural light to illuminate the room. Rotate the vanes to direct the light where you would like it, or close them to enjoy the privacy of traditional draperies

How do I operate Luminette blinds?

They can be powered or manually operated – the choice is yours. Luminette is compatible with our PowerView® automated blinds system, or alternatively can be operated by a manual wand and cord.

How does Luminette impact the light in my room?

The blinds transform harsh exterior light by diffusing it with the sheer fabric which spreads soft natural light throughout the room. This maximizes daylight hours and reduces the need for artificial light. The Pirouette® sheer backing fabrics reduce glare and filter out harmful UV rays therefore protecting the furniture and flooring and maintaining view-through.