Our exclusive Roller shades collection is sleek, minimal and modern. Handmade to your exact specifications using only the finest, eco-friendly materials available, the Roller Shades are available in both light filtering and blackout materials. Roller shades are one of the simplest options for window coverage. Not only do they offer a modern, minimalist style, but they’re also a breeze to raise or lower. Roller Shades are made with our premium continuous loop control system: a silver beaded chain that allows you to roll the shade up and down easily and precisely. You can enjoy the practicality of Roller Shades without having to sacrifice style. With decorative options like valances, cornices and scallops, every window in your home can be a form of creative expression.


  • Minimalist is fashionable with homeowners and decorators alike. And in a place like New York City, simple decorations can elegantly balance out the busy clutter of city life. In contrast to intense patterns and lines, a straightforward and elegant pull-down shade may be just the thing to perfect a room
  • A Reliable Choice. Our roller shades are considered to be a reliable choice since they are decorative and functional at the same time. Apart from the grace and elegance they display, they also help to protect your indoor furniture. Harsh sun rays are known to have an adverse effect on your indoor furniture and our roller shades help to control them. As they can be easily adjusted on any level you desire, the sunlight and brightness can be controlled conveniently.
  • Less Light Pollution. Roller shades are some of the most effective for light control. They can be made out of blackout materials, in order to completely cut off light in a particular room. That can transform a bedroom into a perfect retreat, removing light pollution from outside. The National Sleep Foundation says that artificial light disrupts the body’s natural rhythms and seriously harms sleep. This is a particularly big problem in the City That Never Sleeps. Cutting out external lights is the first step towards fixing your sleep schedule.
  • Privacy. If you are tired of the unwanted glares of the annoying neighbors through your windows, roller shades by Empire Custom Windows can prove to be the best window treatments for you. They can block the views from the outside completely without blacking out the indoors. Thus, you do not have to rely on indoor lightings completely.
  • No Burden on your Pockets. The Blinds Side is a reputed name for the premium quality blinds, shades, and shutters that are available to be purchased at affordable rates. We thrive to provide the best experience to our customers. Thus, the roller shades we offer are nominally priced. Therefore, if you are buying them, you will not have to burn a hole in your pockets.

We offer a wide range of roller shades that are fit to be installed in any setting. Whether you are looking for shades to be installed in your office or home, you can contact us and get the most reliable and durable roller shades.


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